Fresh OJ $6.00
Porridge: with quick oats and brown sugar  $10.5  /   with strawberries & honey $12.50
lb Fruit Salad: with Greek yoghurt, toasted almonds and honey $13.00
Muesli – Bircher or Dry: with apple and rhubarb compote and yoghurt $11.50
Berry Bomba: with yoghurt honey and toasted almonds $11.50
Rhubarb Bomba: with yoghurt honey and toasted almonds $11.50
Banana and Walnut Bread: served with butter $7.50
Toast: Pide, sourdough, multigrain or fruit bread $7.00
served with choice of house made jam, vegemite, peanut butter
lb Eggs: Russian egg salad on pide with smoked salmon $16.50
Housemade Baked Beans / with leg ham ($2.00 extra) $12.50
Avocado Mash on one slice of multigrain / sourdough $10.50
Brekkie Pide: with omelette, ham, cheese, tomato and sweet chilli $15.50
Scrambled Eggs on pide (until 12 noon) $9.50
Poached Eggs on multigrain or sourdough (until 12 noon) $9.50
Sides: salmon $5.00  avocado $4.50  mushrooms $4.50  bacon $4.50  ham $4.00  spinach $4.00  beans $4.00  tomato 3.50
Traditional Bruschetta: with tomato, red onion, basil, bocconcini and pesto $15.50
Bruschetta: with prosciutto, pear, goat’s cheese, rocket, drizzled with olive oil & red wine vinegar on pide $16.50
Brekkie Stack: slice of multigrain or sourdough with avocado mash, tomato & goat’s cheese or fetta $14.50


B.L.T.: bacon lettuce tomato with aioli $15.50
Chorizo: with red onion, coleslaw, rocket and mild mustard $15.50
Lamb: marinated lamb with rosemary, tzatziki, red onion, fetta, tomato, cucumber and lettuce $16.50
Chicken: with cheese, red onion, avocado, rocket and mayo $15.50
Homemade Italian Sausage: roast red pepper, parma cheese, rocket and tomato onion chutney $15.50
Chicken Summer Burger: tomato, cheese, pineapple, sweet chilli and rocket $16.50
Honey Roasted Pumpkin: snowpeas, braised leek, BBQ asparagus, goat’s cheese, pesto, rocket $14.50
Steak Sanga: house cooked beetroot, caramelised onions, Swiss cheese, rocket and horseradish cream $19.50
Prosciutto: bocconcini, olive tapenade, semi-dried tomatoes and rocket $15.50
Smoked Salmon: avocado, cucumber, tabouli, rocket and dill lime spread $15.50
Mexican: beef pattie, tasty cheese, jalapeno peppers, yoghurt, tomato and rocket $15.50
Ham, cheese, Tomato: with American mustard $11.50
Falafel: tabouli, hummus, harissa and rocket $14.50
Tuna: olive tapenade, tuna, egg salad and rocket $15.50
Lamb Burger: with spinach,tomato,roasted red peppers & tzatziki $16.50
Vegie Burger: pumpkin,tofu,polenta pattie with beetroot,rocket,tzatziki & sweet chilli sauce $15.50
Meatball Pide: with tasty cheese,coleslaw,red onion & dijon mustard $16.50
Cheese and Dip Plate: with warm pide *Great to share* $15.50


Served with Pide: Extra $2.50

Vietnamese Chicken: with purple cabbage, wombok, cos, bean shoots, red capsicum, viet mint, black sesame seeds and honey soy dressing $19.50
Best Ever Tuna: mixed lettuce, bean shoots, red capsicum, red onion, cucumber, viet mint, chilli, coriander, black sesame seeds, fried shallots and soy balsamic dressing $19.50
Thai Beef: with bean shoots, red capsicum, cucumber, snow peas, red onion, mixed lettuce, chilli, fried shallots and sweet soy dressing $21.50
Pan Fried Chicken: with pine nuts, fetta, red onion, cucumber, asparagus and mixed lettuce, drizzled with honey mustard dressing $21.50
Lamb: marinated lamb with mixed lettuce, rocket, cous cous, fetta, olives, sundried tomatoes with red wine vinegar and olive oil dressing $21.50
Rocket, Pear and Parmesan: with olive oil and balsamic dressing $15.50
Smoked Salmon Salad: with raddichio,cos lettuce,cucumber,red onion,capers & lemon dill dressing $22.50
Caesar Salad: with cos lettuce,crisy bacon,parmesan,asparagus,croutons,boiled egg,anchovies and caesar dressing $20.50
Chicken Caesar Salad: with chicken, cos lettuce,crisy bacon,parmesan,asparagus,croutons,boiled egg,anchovies and caesar dressing $24.50
Quinoa Salad: with roasted beetroot, red onion, rocket, candied walnuts , fetta and lemon olive oil dressing $19.50
Lamb Salad: marinated lamb with mixed lettuce, rocket, cous cous, fetta, olives, sundried tomato,red wine vinegar & olive oil dressing $21.50